Sonification for data communication

A few weeks ago my partner shared a TED Talk with me that changed how I conceptualize data communication. In it Dr. Wanda Diaz Merced, an astronomer who lost her eyesight in her early twenties, discusses her journey back into science after this setback. A crucial technique helped her interpret hefty astronomy data sets- sonification. Sonification turns data into sound. It is analogous to data visualization, where both methods aim to communicate patterns and relationships within data clearly and efficiently.

RStudio Cloud for Education

The R programming language is a powerful analytical tool that is commonly taught alongside applied fields like statistics, ecology, finance, and more. Efficiently integrating the language into a course can be difficult. For example, the time to set up programming exercises, troubleshoot technical issues, and follow progress can quickly eat away at time you as an instructor would probably like to spend covering course material. This is especially true in the current remote learning environment.